On-Line Sales & Marketing Services For Your Business

Custom Social Media & E-Mail Campaigns

Social Media

We offer social media management plans to help small businesses. Your success in reaching new customers is critical. We penetrate vertical markets via customized social media campaigns.

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E-Mail Marketing

We develop customized e-mail marketing campaigns for your business. We integrate new prospect data bases into your existing e-mail managment system to achieve higher market penetraion rates which result in greater company and brand awareness.

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Sales Growth

New sales are parampount to any business. We assist small bsuiness owners with new customer acquisition via our hands-on sales and marketing services. We offer several customized plans including dedicated call-center to cold call, sales presentation preparations, trade show representation and more.

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Penetrating New Clients Via Social Media

One of the most pressing issues for small business owners is how to penetrate new client opportunities via social media platforms. From Facebook to Instagram to YouTube – which ones should they spend time on? How much time? Where to post? What to post? How to track? What’s the proper measurement of success? All great…

Tourist Pack Take’s Aim

  The Project Tourist Pack is the leading provider of quality entertainment and lodging discount coupons for Charleston, South Carolina. Over 250,000 Tourist Pack envelopes are distributed throughout 130 hotels, bed and breakfast establishments, visitor centers and all nine State of South Carolina Visitor Centers. Tourist Pack made significant changes to their direct marketing and…