E-Mail Marketing

We deliver crisp images and videos combined for actionable email click-thrus to expand your client base.  We track, merge & create response programs that allow you to directly interact with prospects via email & social media. Let us find you more prospect email lists and  produce your next e-mail campaign that gets the results you need. 

If your just starting out with your email marketing efforts we can assist you in organizing your prospects and client email lists, creating new lists, deliver campaign mock-ups, execute & report results back to you. All our work is customized specifically to your business needs. Here are just a few of our successful client campaigns.

With our fully-integrated custom marketing program we can create your e-mail campaign, send & target each “open” & “click” via all of your social media platforms. One of our clients booked over $45,000 in revenues over sixty days using our fully-integrated technique. Here are just a few examples of what we can do for your business.

How’s your email response rates? Are you engaging, creating a “buzz” and converting? These days, much is made of Search Engine Optimization and in certain cases it supersedes other marketing efforts. However, a pro-active social media program tied into your email campaigns is guaranteed to bring in new clients. The costs for SEO are not coming down – their going up – because the “word” options are shrinking. Say your growing business can only afford $500 per month for marketing. Why wouldn’t you directly engage via email & social media rather than spend all of it on SEO, which in all likelihood, would never produce the sales results that direct prospect and client contact efforts would. Here’s a few more cost effective campaigns we did.