Why Video Email Marketing Is Paramount To Client Acquisition.

Why Video Email Marketing Is Paramount To Client Acquisition.

By creating short video clips from owners, employees, customers or even vendors is one of the most effective ways to reach new & existing clients.  I pounded away at blogs, newsletters, still-image social media posts, email promos and other traditional marketing methods.  Recently, I decided to try something different.  One of my clients wanted me to create a instructional video email marketing piece and send it via constant contact to his many business prospects.  While it took some time to create, layout the format and get the video properly formatted, we were astonished with the open rates and click-thru percentages.

By far the video out-measured static marketing pieces and posts.  Best of all. the week we released the email and corresponding social media postings, the client signed on three new customers!

Want to do your own video email marketing campaign? Contact me to learn how one (cheap!) video clip can inspire, create trust and help you increase your clients base.

Customized E-Newsletters for Your Top 100 Prospects

One of the most effective methods in connecting with your top prospects is producing and sending an informative e-newsletter. The key to a successful e-newsletter campaign is to be sure that content is germane, not a sales pitch and news-worthy. In this client’s example we provide Architects & Space Designers with unbiased product news on Smart-Home Controllers. The audience appreciates the timely information and clean-photos that depict the systems in a realistic setting. This e-newsletter garnered a 43% open rate- that’s over 32% increase from industry standard. It’s the least-costly advertising expense your firm will ever spend

Uncover Hidden Features In Goggle My Business

JANUARY – 2023 – If you’re a professional service provider and are beginning 2024 without piles of cash to spend on marketing, social media and advertising than you’ll be interested in learning about a new program that will save you hundreds on digital media advertising and marketing.

Developed by the folks at CYA, the new LCOM (low-cost-organic-marketing) program is customized for accountants, tax professionals, attorneys, private investigators, real estate and home service providers as well as. other high-end professionals that want to grow their business without spending a small fortune on online advertising and marketing.

The LCOM program provides your business with the ability to eliminate wasteful ad spending on reaching folks that wouldn’t, couldn’t or shouldn’t ever become your new client. With the LCOM program your advertising and marketing dollars are focused on folks that are actively looking for the services that you provide.

The LCOM program combines a number of digital media services; including, all social media posting campaigns, email promotions, blogging, e-newsletters, website updates and lead-gen management. A constant stream of customized online activities from your business will set you apart from a crowded field of competitors.

Do you know that one of the most powerful online marketing tools for professional services providers is a Google My Business Account. Even if you decide not to deploy the full LCOM program, please, don’t miss out on all of the FREE features found in your Google My Business Account. Properly fine-tuned and correctly structured, your Google My Business Account will quickly generate higher search placement results for your business and strengthens your ability to attract new clients.

Recently, CYA reviewed one of our client’s Google My Business Account. We found and modified three data fields. In 24 hours, his business rose to the third spot in Google’s search placement results. The first two spots were occupied by big businesses that spend tons of money on advertising.

If you’re like us, we don’t have tons of money and that’s why the LCOM program is so important. Think about it, by the end 2021 how much advertising and marketing money will you have spent? The LCOM program offers you a new way to put money back in your pocket.

To learn more about your customized LOCM program contact us today at – connyank.com

Creating Informative Content & Sharing.

We were having lunch last week & one business owner explained how hard it is for her to sit down and write about an interesting current event affecting her company.  Moreover, she explained the difficulty in even selecting a topic that her clients and prospects would care about.  This happens to everyone.  Even seasoned writers & bloggers encounter tough non-creative stretches  It helps to talk with someone who understands your company, brand and/or service.  Recently, one of our clients wrote an excellent article (see attached) for a popular business magazine that captured his readers attention because his piece addressed a common industry challenge – Planning Ahead For The Holidays To Better Serve Your Customers. Well…sure enough after promoting the piece via our integrated social media & email campaign service, the SM reach numbers went up 4000% and CTR’s came in at a 230% increase.  So if you run into a creative funk – jot down three ideas – write one sentence for each idea – select the most appealing one – write an intro. & your off and running! If you need help creating, posting & networking contact us.

Penetrating New Clients Via Social Media

One of the most pressing issues for small business owners is how
to penetrate new client opportunities via social media platforms.
From Facebook to Instagram to YouTube – which ones should they spend time on?

How much time? Where to post? What to post? How to track? What’s the
proper measurement of success? All great questions – but – what small business owner has the time & knowledge to accomplish successful social media campaigns.

This is why – if – you can invest a little time and money you should give us a try.

From art, layout, posts, tracking, prospect & client interactions, e-newsletters, crm integration, email campaigns and more, we can accomplish so much for your small business.

Here are three examples of social media campaigns (themes) we undertook for a few different clients. The penetration, response rates & client/prospect interactions surpassed 400% increases. Contact us to learn how can we assist your small business.