Month: November 2019

Creating Informative Content & Sharing.

We were having lunch last week & one business owner explained how hard it is for her to sit down and write about an interesting current event affecting her company.  Moreover, she explained the difficulty in even selecting a topic that her clients and prospects would care about.  This happens to everyone.  Even seasoned writers & bloggers encounter tough non-creative stretches  It helps to talk with someone who understands your company, brand and/or service.  Recently, one of our clients wrote an excellent article (see attached) for a popular business magazine that captured his readers attention because his piece addressed a common industry challenge – Planning Ahead For The Holidays To Better Serve Your Customers. Well…sure enough after promoting the piece via our integrated social media & email campaign service, the SM reach numbers went up 4000% and CTR’s came in at a 230% increase.  So if you run into a creative funk – jot down three ideas – write one sentence for each idea – select the most appealing one – write an intro. & your off and running! If you need help creating, posting & networking contact us.