Month: May 2023

Why Video Email Marketing Is Paramount To Client Acquisition.

By creating short video clips from owners, employees, customers or even vendors is one of the most effective ways to reach new & existing clients.  I pounded away at blogs, newsletters, still-image social media posts, email promos and other traditional marketing methods.  Recently, I decided to try something different.  One of my clients wanted me to create a instructional video email marketing piece and send it via constant contact to his many business prospects.  While it took some time to create, layout the format and get the video properly formatted, we were astonished with the open rates and click-thru percentages.

By far the video out-measured static marketing pieces and posts.  Best of all. the week we released the email and corresponding social media postings, the client signed on three new customers!

Want to do your own video email marketing campaign? Contact me to learn how one (cheap!) video clip can inspire, create trust and help you increase your clients base.